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Emergency Closets

We currently offer Emergency Closets to every school in the Edmonds School District. ¬†Schools have the opportunity to stock their own closet or “shop” at one of our main closets.

Each school population has different needs and requests will come from the family resource advocate, but a basic list of supplies are:

  • A grab and go “emergency food bag”
  • Prepackaged individual snack items
  • Gift cards for local restaurants
  • Socks, underwear, t-shirts
  • Hygiene kits- extra hairbrushes, shampoo conditioner, soap, deodorant, sanitary supplies
  • transportation vouchers

Snack Food Drives

We supply the McKinney Vento students with 250 food bags each school day. We rely on a community of volunteers to help us meet this demand. Please consider hosting a food drive with your community organization, at your business or place of worship. Last year we provided over 32,000 small bags of food for the kids that are sometimes on the bus and hour or two each day.


Please visit our donations page to see how you can help, or consider a donation to our organization through our PayPal account.


If your organization would like to volunteer at our various community events, please sign up for our newsletter on the right side of this page. We will contact you about our various community based activities.