Making a Difference

These letters of support are a wonderful reminder of the many people working behind the scenes to support our local kids, and the importance of our mission. If you are able to join with us in providing for the basic needs of our disadvantaged schoolchildren, please consider a donation.

– – – – – –

Meadowdale Middle School students and families were fortunate to receive assistance from Kids in Transition this year. One student and her mother, who were homeless, were able to stay in a motel for a week because Kids in Transition came through with funds for them. This meant the family had running water to take showers, lights and electricity in the evening, and a comfortable space to take a break from their multiple stressors. Personal hygiene and other supplies were provided as well. The family was very grateful, and the mom did not have the words to explain the extent of her appreciation. The SSA had been trying to find assistance for shelter from every community resource possible, which had extremely long wait lists or depleted funds. The stay in the motel gave the family time they needed to find a living situation that would give them more stability for a while.

Many of the students and families at MMS are missing basic needs due to unexpected crises or ongoing financial hardships. This Spring, Kids in Transition connected our school to a community group who were willing to adopt us and the nearby high school. With their combined efforts, we were able to establish a substantial food pantry, and have a supply of personal products for teens. Prior to this, the SSA scraped together left over donations and items she brought in on her own. Being able to replenish the supplies was always a concern. Now we have a good source of emergency food for students and families who have immediate needs. We have already given food bags to a couple families, and several students were fed a lunch or snack who would otherwise have been hungry that day.

Angie Buenafe, LICSW
Student Support Advocate
Meadowdale Middle School

– – – – – –

My name is Wendy Swenson and I am a Student Support Advocate for the Edmonds School District, and specifically Meadowdale high school. During the last five years I have worked with students and families to overcome obstacles of poverty, homelessness,  and mental health issues. It has been a huge reprieve to have the support of Washington Kids in Transition! They have provided a food pantry for our families and have been able to support students with clothing, hygiene, toiletries, dental products and other basic needs. In the past access to food has been a challenge, many of the food banks are open when families are working and students are in school. Having the immediate availability of food has aided me with removing this barrier and to work with families on other pressing issues. We have had several occasions where items have been needed like shoes or a pair of pants, Kim and her group of volunteers have had items delivered to the school within hours of the request. Another important aspect of how amazing Washington Kids in Transition is how they are able to have a student feel cared for by their community. When a student feel cared for they work harder academically and thrive to a brighter future. Thank you Washington Kids in Transition!


Wendy Swenson
Student Support Advocate
Meadowdale High School

– – – – – –

Having Washington Kids in Transition has been such a huge relief! There are so many times that we are not able to quickly obtain resources for our students and WKIT is available and so quick with delivering items! I know that if there is ever anything I need, Kim and her group are only a phone call away. The recent family I helped needed clothes when they took on a foster child at the last minute. Washington Kids in Transition brought me bags and bags of great clothes and the family was so grateful and happy that their foster child didn’t even have to go a day without having her own clothes for a first day at a new school.

Washington Kids in Transition reached out to those of us who are social workers in the district and offered to stock our individual school food pantries. This alone will allow us to feed so many students who are without lunches, snacks or need food for the weekend. They also are going to stock our food pantry this summer. When our families do not have school breakfast or lunch to count on, they are definitely struggling for resources and having an open food pantry for emergencies this summer will be so helpful!

I cannot stay enough about all Washington Kids in Transition has done for our district and continues to do for our most vulnerable families. This is a partnership we are so fortunate to have!

Ashley Dawson
Student Support Advocate
Mountlake Terrace High School