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Washington Kids in Transition
Washington Kids in TransitionFriday, October 13th, 2017 at 8:56am
We have helped 4 families since Friday with a week in a motel. These are families that are trying to regain their independence and keep their kids in school. Most of them have jobs, but do not have enough money to save for a deposit and first months rent and pay for a hotel room. These families are working with state agencies, trying to get into local shelters or affordable housing programs. It is getting harder to keep kiddos warm living in their cars or tents. I am asking community groups, churches, businesses to help sponsor 1 family for one week. Help us prepare for the winter months. Please share this message with your employer, your congregation, your community group. We can do this... together.
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Washington Kids in Transition
Washington Kids in TransitionThursday, October 5th, 2017 at 10:30am

Gather up your co-workers, family, youth group, church congregation, or sports team and help us raise money for our programs!

We are asking for theme baskets filled with fun items to go up for bid in our silent auction on Saturday, Nov 11th.

Theme basket ideas...

> Family game night
> Wine lover
> Tea time
> At-home spa day
> UW Husky-themed items
> WSU Coug-themed items
> Gardening
> BBQ/grill master
> Bookworm
> Arts and crafts
> Beer afficionado
> Baking/cooking
> Specialty food/sauces (non-perishable)
> Tea time
> Other ideas? Go for it!

All items need to be in new/unused condition and total basket value should be between $30-150.

Please arrange items in a basket or creative container (but leave unwrapped).

All proceeds from this event go directly into supporting the emergency food and shelter programs for students in the Edmonds School District. Last year, working with Advocates within the schools we provided 32,000 bags of food, 300 nights of emergency hotel stays and emergency services for several of our local schools.

Email us here on our FB page so we can send you the donor form, and the address for delivery (much appreciated!) or to coordinate pickup.

Thank you! :)
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Washington Kids in Transition
Washington Kids in TransitionFriday, September 29th, 2017 at 2:30pm
To close out the week, we have a mom and her 6 kids... youngest 1 month, the oldest 17, entering a motel. Different family but similar story. Mom does not speak english, family does not know where Dad is. They are alone and scared.
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Washington Kids in Transition
Washington Kids in TransitionWednesday, September 27th, 2017 at 8:31am
We all know that teachers often pay for materials for their classroom out of their own pockets. This is especially true for teachers when they have McKinney Vento students. Our emergency closets are designed to alleviate this extra burden. Not only can Advocates receive emergency food, toiletries hygiene, and school supply support, they can also make individual requests on behalf of the student. This week requests have included:
A full size bed
An ASB card
Track Shoes
Size 6 pull ups for a child with special needs
An Orca card
Additional food for the food bank at Beverly and Cedar Valley

And it is only Wednesday
When we first began Washington Kids, we had a campaign where we asked you to make a recurring donation on paypal to Many of you responded donating anywhere from $5.00 to $150 a month. This is the program that helps us support our emergency closets.

Will you consider setting up a monthly donation on paypal? It is easy to do and for the cost of a few cups of coffee, you can make the difference to students in our community.
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Washington Kids in Transition
Washington Kids in TransitionTuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 2:08pm
We have another family going into a motel this afternoon. Both parents work, they have lived in their car for the past 5 months because they are having difficulty finding an apartment that they qualify for. Two of the kids have been sick for the last month and they have not had the ability to take a shower, or sleep in a bed for a very long time. I hope this week helps them renew their strength.
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